It is a matter of pure genius to be able to produce a label of this size. It is so small, so much so that you would imagine that you would hardly ever be able to read it. But it has been a matter of some cynicism for the wariest among customers. Quite rightly and perhaps even with a dash of self-righteousness, the complaint has been laid at the door of the manufacturer, producer, distributor and retailer.

small labels

The cynical warning goes out to others to always be wary of the fine print. But when you think about it with a bit more reasonableness, the matter of smacking and slapping small labels onto numerous products is an exercise in responsibility. It is hardly the fault of the manufacturer and the supplier of your essential everyday goods that the fine print had to be so small. Given the size of small packages, where else were they supposed to place it.

Call it an act of good service to the community. Better you knew than better you never know. And who ever said that ignorance is bliss? It is a dangerous concept, to say the least. The thing about placing as much information as possible on one small package is that at least the consumer is fully aware of all precautions he may have to take in regard to the use of his product. This allows for optimal use, getting better value for money and of course, ensuring good health.

Here is to your good health then. And the good doctor would surely approve. Pure genius. To be able to produce such small labels. But then again, do have a look at those interesting blog articles about the computer based and online graphic design efforts that goes into the work.